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  Name Title Group Contact
Cynthia Baker Baker, Cynthia Librarian Faculty
Molly Baker Baker, Molly Music Teacher Faculty
Carol Blaschke Blaschke, Carol 1st Grade Teacher Faculty
Rocio Bomberg Bomberg, Rocio Spanish & Gardening Faculty
Sara Boussy Boussy, Sara High School Faculty
Abigail Bristow-Hernandez Bristow-Hernandez, Abigail Information Technology Administration
Faye Costley Costley, Faye English Teacher Faculty
Kelly Crockett Crockett, Kelly PK-3 Teacher Faculty
Barbara Donaldson Donaldson, Barbara Computer Teacher Faculty
Christie Eddy Eddy, Christie P.E. Teacher Faculty 210-859-2740
Julee Evans Evans, Julee 1st Grade Teacher Faculty
Patty Franklin Franklin, Patty Kinder Teacher Faculty
Justin Hartshorn Hartshorn, Justin Middle School Science Faculty
Melissa Hartshorn Hartshorn, Melissa Music Teacher Faculty 210-556-7605
Lynn Hurt Hurt, Lynn GT Teacher Faculty
Carrie Kuhn Kuhn, Carrie PK-3 Teacher Faculty
Mary Leroy Leroy, Mary Art Teacher Faculty
Lindy Lester Lester, Lindy 2nd Grade Teacher Faculty
Barbara Loomis Loomis, Barbara 4th Grade Faculty
Gus Loomis Loomis, Gus Middle School Faculty
Stacie Magott Magott, Stacie PK-4 Teacher Faculty
Paula McCain McCain, Paula Business Manager Administration
Cynthia McDaniel McDaniel, Cynthia History Teacher Faculty
Lindsay McGrath McGrath, Lindsay Director of Development Administration
Cathy Means Means, Cathy 3rd Grade Teacher Faculty
Sharon Newman Newman, Sharon Head of School Administration
Griselda Reyna Reyna, Griselda Director of Admissions Administration
Kathy Scott Scott, Kathy Kinder Teacher Faculty
Lee Towell Towell, Lee Foreign Lang/Drama Faculty
Elizabeth Williams Williams, Elizabeth PK-4 Teacher Faculty