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High School

We recognize that traditional High School is not the right fit for all students.  Some may have extra-curricular activities which prevent students from attending the standard school hours.  Others may need a different environment than that which is typically available.  At BFSMS, we offer a flexible curriculum designed to fit a child’s individual and extracurricular needs.  It is the best of home-schooling and traditional classroom mixed into one exceptional High School career.
We offer:
  • Award-winning Christian based curriculum through Switched-On Schoolhouse, Alpha Omega.
  • Rigorous College Prep Courses
  • Engaging State-of-the-Art multimedia online lessons equipped with animation videos and games
  • Life skills and Project Based Learning
  • Small Class Sizes
  • One-to-One Teaching
  • Flexibility to choose from a 2, 3, or 5 day program to fit your child’s unique schedule
  • Enrichment programs and Electives
  • Community Based Environment